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Sherrie is an amazing real estate broker with many years of experience in the North Bay.  Both buyer and seller benefit from her involvement in a deal. 

She has great knowledge of virtually every neighborhood of the area, knowledge that benefits both buyer and seller. She knows the pluses and minuses of the neighborhoods and listens carefully to a would-be buyer or seller to get you the home you have dreamed of or the home you want to sell.  

Sherrie represented me both when I bought and sold my Sausalito home. From my buying experience I knew she could put a deal together and make it stick up and through closing.

For me, my home was a condominium in Sausalito.  Both buying and selling my home required many long hours on her part. Dealing with the city and the HOA required knowledge and skill, both of which Sherrie has in abundance.  She worked tirelessly to make the deal stick, especially when the sea got very stormy as closing neared. She navigated those seas with tremendous skill, calling on knowledge that only she has.

Additionally, Sherrie has a broad cadre of people of all trades: plumbers, carpenters, environmentalists, contractors, painters you name it, any one of which are sometimes necessary to close a deal.    

In short, Sherrie earns her commission and then some. She works very hard and goes above and beyond what most people think real estate brokers do. She probably puts in many more hours than most of her associates.  It is hard work, work that only pays when the deal closes!

John Truxaw, Buyer and Seller, Sausalito

Before working with Sherrie, we had been put through the wringer with a different agent who was very difficult and demanding to work with. Sherrie was a breath of fresh air. She was always available and laser-focused no matter how busy she was. Because she took the time to learn every detail of our home and neighborhood, her marketing was spot on and appealed to just the right buyers.

Lisa & Chuck - Seller-Rose Ave, Mill Valley

It is most difficult for me to describe my gratitude for your knowledge, experience, and understanding as you prepared, listed, and sold our Sausalito home where my husband and I lived for almost 30 years.  By seeking and obtaining cooperation and neighborly consent, much of the surrounding property border was unexpectedly and greatly improved, as was our beautiful view of the mountain and bay.  These changes you were able to accomplish made a  profound difference, and really, I think, were responsible for the manner in which our home was sold.  On the market for two days and with three competing offers far above the asking price, the sale of our home came to a close in a most unexpected manner……...less than two days on the market, and with three competing offers way over the asking price.

Sherrie, you were so much fun to work with.  Your ideas for change and improvement were “right on,” and the results of the above sale could not be improved upon in any way.

Mary - Seller, San Carlos Ave., Sausalito

Sherrie helped us buy our new home and sell our old home. She is very organized, connected and personable. Anything we needed she was able to provide, and her knowledge and experience and experience of the local real estate market enabled us to make smart decisions during the entire process. This is the 2nd time we bought and sold in Sausalito with Sherrie. We would never use anyone else!

Marijo - Seller, Wolfback Ridge & Buyer, Cloud View Trail- Sellers, Woodward & Buyers WBR

"Sherrie Faber of First California Realty, Inc. is simply the best. She offers "soup to nuts" services. She is knowledgeable about the market, knows what inventory is available - often before it comes on market, has a wealth of resources and is results oriented. Besides, she herself is delightful. Quite frankly, if it wasn't for Sherrie, we wouldn't have been able to purchase our fabulous new home. I can highly recommend Sherrie Faber."

Ellen & Dale - Sellers, Harrison Ave. & Buyers, Cloud View Road, Sausalito

"Before meeting Sherrie Faber we were skeptical about the need to have a real estate agent at all. We bought our New York City apartment without an agent, we were very close to buying a home in Sausalito without an agent…and then we met Sherrie. There is no doubt in our minds that without Sherrie we would not be in  home today.  We first met Sherrie through an open house. We were impressed with her cookies (she only buys the best dough!) but even more impressed with her expertise and tireless commitment to her clients. We were in the process of trying to buy the house we were renting without an agent. We had to get an inspection and reached out to Sherrie for her advice. Knowing there was nothing in it for her, she sent us an incredibly friendly and thorough reply with the information we had asked for and then some.  When our deal fell through we called a family friend and her one piece of advice was, “call Sherrie Faber”. She’s the best in Sausalito.  We met Sherrie in her beautiful office in Bridgeway where she spent time getting to know us and what we were interested in. She has an admirable policy of not representing more than one client looking for the same type of property in the same price range. Lucky for us, she had an opening but we were still skeptical we could find what we were looking for in such a competitive market.  We started looking at houses right away. Sherrie was always willing to make herself available to around our hectic schedules even on short notice. She was able to get into houses earlier than anyone else. In most cases, we were the first to see homes when they came on the market.  Sherrie is not someone who will point out the beautiful views or the open kitchen. She points out the mold, the water damage and cracks in the foundation! It was not uncommon for us to be more enthusiastic about a house than she was. She is never in a rush to make a sale, she wants to make sure her clients get a great home at a fair price.  When we visited our house, we fell in love immediately. It was perfect for us in every way – unlike anything we had seen or even imagined existed in Sausalito in our price range. We were terrified we would lose it. And we were not alone. There was a lot of interest and multiple offers. Sherrie navigated the process masterfully, giving us fantastic advice and ultimately getting us our dream house. It was a smooth process and fast and happy closing.  We also know Sherrie puts in as much effort selling homes as she does helping her clients find one. We visited one of the houses she was listing before it went on the market. She only allowed this because we promised her we had “imagination”. But it was mess and her clients wanted to get top dollar per square foot. Fast forward three months and the house was completely transformed, unrecognizable. Sherrie said she wore her hard hat for 6 weeks to get it ready for market. Simply magic.

We truly believe we would not be in our home it weren’t for Sherrie.  She is quite simply masterful at what she does and a beautiful human being. This is not just a job for her, it’s a calling.     If you are buying or selling a home in Sausalito, do yourself a favor and call Sherrie Faber."

Erica Matthews and Andrew Sullivan

 "On behalf of Marin Association of REALTORS, I want to thank you for taking part in January's General Membership Meeting panel on " If I knew then what I know now." As an "All Star-Top Agent" your views are an important resource to the REALTOR community and we appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to share your insights and perspectives with our members."

Executive Vice President Marin Association of REALTORS

"First California Realty, Inc. provided us with outstanding service in our home purchase. With their comprehensive knowledge of the very competitive market, extensive personal contacts in the real estate community and attention to detail that is so important to completing a transaction smoothly, they are a great company for anyone considering buying a house."

Kathi and Rich Fortmann, Sausalito

“This was my first experience using a realtor, and I know I was completely spoiled! Sherrie handled every single detail. I mean EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! She went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for. She had all the right connections; a fabulous team of contractors, painters, and stager who made an out dated, yet charming home, suddenly shine! With her keen attention to detail - she also found and corrected a clerical error from the past, and saved us so much time and money. I cannot express how lucky I felt having her on my side. I always knew she had my best interest in mind, and would assure every step in the process was done correctly. It was an absolute pleasure working with Sherrie - whom I now call my friend!”

Sarah Shoemaker

“There are real estate brokers, and there are Real Estate Angels.  Sherrie Faber is The Angel.  I needed guidance, reliability, punctuality, and HONESTY.  She responded to an information call immediately and within 24 hours had the most comprehensive analysis and projection I've ever seen.  Her knowledge of the market,  the potential buyers, and the physical setting needed to present my large, old house in an enviable light  superseded anything other brokers could offer.  Because I lived hours away Sherrie took charge, organized the improvement of property at the most reasonable prices, and literally oversaw the entire process in my stead.  Her sources are impeccable, her attention to all details is astounding,  she responds within hours of every question.  Sherrie Faber provides the service  a seller badly needs… Look no further.   She also is a joy to know!”

Carole Raisbeck, Seller 31 Girard Ave, Sausalito

"Sherrie is fantastic! This is our 3rd real estate transaction with her. She knows the market, has a great network of peers, provides sound feedback and ideas, and motivated to get you the best outcomes. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to details rates her 5 Stars and more."

John Inson and Barry Taylor

"I promise you (and I never write reviews) we would not have the wonderful home we have were it not for Sherrie. (She also sold our home in 4 days.) She is dedicated, focused, a wonderful human being and makes things happen. I cannot give enough praise for such a fantastic experience."

Ginnie Waters

"We discovered that Sherrie was real estate’s Cecil B. De Milles who wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She truly directed the marketing of our property as though it were a movie in the making. Sherrie’s sincerity and enthusiasm for her project and the energy she brings to it infectiously endows the property with a special attractiveness. We felt a special flavor to this effect the first time we entered the house after she staged it. We jokingly said, “This is too lovely...we don’t want to sell now.” And to assist in this mystique, she wasn’t afraid to grab a paint brush on site. Her expansive flagging of all elements of the property’s condition was essentially a pre-emptive strike, truly eliminating later attacks. We’ve bought and sold over 20 parcels of real property over the last 30 years and SHERRIE IS THE BEST! We quickly comprehended from our developing relationship with Sherrie that we could best assist in the sale by clearing the deck and getting out of her way. What an exciting ride! Splendid work! When we return to Marin we wouldn’t consider another agent!"

Norm & Jeanne Oliver Los Angeles

Thank you Sherrie and team for finding us our dream home! When we first started to look around Sausalito, we didn't expect to buy anything immediately, but Sherrie understood exactly what we were looking for and before we knew it we were the very proud owners of our dream home! As first-time foreign buyers in the USA, we were not familiar with the process of buying a property here, but Sherrie and her team made the whole process seamless, and we even managed to close the entire transaction in just 2 days! Her post-transaction service has been incredibly helpful too, setting us up with inspectors, contractors, and even showing us which dry-cleaners to use in town. Sherrie has a great sense if customer service and loyalty, and is defiantly in the business for the long haul, not just to close the deal. We would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Sausalito, as she knows every corner of the market. She is enthusiastic, honest, highly efficient and has become a good friend of our in the process. Thank you again Sherrie and team!

Robert and Sophie Guarasci

"Sherrie, your new newsletter is beautiful. I just had to tell you that. When I opened up the email I thought I was going to see simple text, and it sounds silly but it really does grab you when you see something with color and pics and font styles."


"As first-time home buyers in Marin, we knew finding the perfect house would be a challenging experience. But Sherrie made it happen! She taught us so much about what to look for in a house and a neighborhood -- all while making it a fun and lighthearted experience. When touring houses, she points out crucial details that we wouldn't have otherwise thought about. We feel like we wouldn't want to see a house without Sherrie.

Sherrie's extensive network and connections in Marin helped as find an off-market listing, which we ended up buying! The off-market listing helped us greatly in a competitive market. Without Sherrie's connections in Marin, we couldn't have gotten in this house. We recommend Sherrie to all our friends. She is someone who truly cares about her clients. "

Andrew and Kiko

"I had finally made the decision to sell my house in Napa and move to Marin County and my initial thought was Tiburon or Sausalito would be ideal.  I called two friends of mine who at the time lived in Sausalito and they referred to the real estate broker they have used for buying and selling properties in Marin County - Sherrie Faber of First California Realty, Inc.  I gave her a call and we got along famously - you would have thought we had known each other for years.  Sherrie has been in the industry for over 20 years and, as a result, has a comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market in Marin County.  She took the time to educate me about the current real estate market as well as the pros and cons of Tiburon versus Sausalito and other Marin County locations.  We looked at a number of properties on the market even though, at the time, the inventory was very low.  On a number of occasions she mentioned a property she would eventually be selling for clients who were not ready to put their property on the market because they were relocating out of the Bay Area and needed time to find a replacement house.  Realizing that I was flexible time-wise and willing to use that flexibility to find the right forever house for me, she finally showed me the property and the rest is history.  I think Sherrie knew all along that it was meant to be - I fell in love with the house, became friends with the couple who would eventually sell me their house, and I’m thrilled to now be living in a wonderful home in Sausalito - all because Sherrie had the foresight to put together a deal that was beneficial to both the sellers and the buyer.  Interestingly, the property I bought never went on the market.....I cannot speak highly enough about Sherrie - she is knowledgeable, experienced, energetic, enthusiastic, honest, has superb interpersonal skills, tireless, creative, forward-thinking and she has the ability to connect the dots.  She is not just trying to sell real estate but is looking to find the perfect match for her clients.  She certainly did that for me.  As I’ve mentioned to her on a number of occasions and I’m sharing with you now, I think Sherrie is “THE BEST EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL EVER.”  I recommend Sherrie Faber wholeheartedly!"

Tom Jefferson

"Sherrie Faber is a fantastic realtor with an outstanding knowledge of the Sausalito area. Sherrie worked with us for the better part of a year to find our perfect Sausalito home. We were new to the area and over time we found that every peice of advice she gave us was right on. Above all, Sherrie is always honest, respectful and ethical in her dealings with all parties. I enthusiastically recommend Sherrie to other home buyers in this area."

David M. Caditz, Ph.D.

"We had a truly wonderful experience working with Sherrie Faber and First California Realty! As first-time home buyers, my husband and I cannot say enough about how thankful we are to have had the opportunity to work with Sherrie. The home buying experience can seem like a daunting and exhausting task. However, working with Sherrie made our experience a fun adventure. Sherrie is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, professional and an excellent communicator. She has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and is truly passionate about helping clients find the perfect home that aligns with their wish list. Sherrie went above and beyond to help us navigate the industry, from interpreting disclosures to connecting us with all the best lenders and contractors . If you are in the market to sell or buy a home, we highly recommend working with Sherrie! Homes are high stakes investments, and you owe it to yourself to have a seamless and pleasant experience."

Megan and Jay

 "We had the pleasure of working with Sherrie Faber to sell our cherished home of 12 years in Sausalito. I would advise against using Sherrie unless you are prepared for a flurry of activity and very quick progress. Before we had even signed on the dotted line, Sherrie was brimming with creative ideas to effectively market our property and moved without missing a beat after the green light was given. Sherrie has the unique ability to combine upbeat marketing and sales skills with the details and diplomacy necessary to transact a home sale in today's environment. She was able to achieve our goals within a very short timeframe and kept all parties (including the other agent) on an even keel as the process progressed. Would we recommend Sherrie and use her again ourselves? Unequivocally, YES!"

Robert & Chris Shonefeld, Belvedere

"Sherrie Faber’s attention to details and impeccable taste complimented her professionalism and patience as we searched for our ideal Sausalito home. Being new to the area, she expertly navigated us through the community and went out of her way to ensure our comfort and happiness. While visiting open homes in Sausalito, we entered a beautiful home with the fresh scent of home baked cookies. A friendly greeting ensued and although the home wasn’t ideal for our needs, the gorgeous woman baking the cookies certainly was. Sherrie’s enthusiasm for her profession exudes in all of her actions. Within moments of closing the Open House, Sherrie hopped in the car and began showing us homes that met our requirements. We couldn’t be happier with Sherrie’s professionalism and friendship – she’s one in a million!"


"Sherrie's in-depth knowledge of the Marin real estate market accelerated our search for the perfect home; her negotiating expertise, diligence and attention to detail through the Close of Escrow ensured a smooth purchase transaction and eased our transition from the City. She will definitely be our Agent of choice for the future!"

Marc & Kimberly Watrous, Mill Valley

"In our book, there aren’t enough words of praise for Sherrie Faber and First California Realty. We found Sherrie’s knowledge of the local market unequaled by anyone, anywhere. Once she found the perfect home for us, she conducted the rather difficult and lengthy negotiation brilliantly. Sherrie is all about producing the best outcome for her clients and we can’t imagine anyone doing it better. An added benefit is that she is well known and well loved in the community, and her extensive network of professional contacts saved us considerable time and expense in dealing with inspections, additions and home repairs Sherrie is a reliable, honest and caring professional who made the process of finding the right home an absolute pleasure. In the future, whether we are buying or selling, there is no one else we would call."

Chris and Sue White

"We had a daunting task ahead of us: to sell our home of more than 30 years and to move clear across the country to Florida. However, choosing a realtor proved no harder than looking at the homes that had been sold in our neighborhood . . . and finding Sherrie Faber of First California Realty. Our home was expertly photographed, advertised, and marketed in a most timely manner, with all the appropriate paperwork completed. We closed escrow nine weeks from the date of the first Brokers' Open. "We couldn't have trusted this huge task to anyone more suited to the job than Sherrie. Her negotiating skills, knowledge of the local market and intricacies of the real estate world, coupled with her efficiency, good humor, and capable staff, have been a high point in our lives."

Stan and Jenny Anton, Naples, Florida

"My father passed away leaving a rag -tag, vintage home in Sausalito and leaving me a deer in headlights as what to do with the property for a good sale with not a great deal of money to spend.  A friend referred me to Sherrie Faber at First California and she took this project on, advised me on what I needed to do to the home. She hung in with me for a year on this.  She was absolutely right and supported me the entire way, offering great help in the process and suggesting vendors to do the work, getting me great deals and marvelous results. She has 30 years experience in the area and has the best contacts. A house sale can be quite complex, especially in probate.  Sherrie's knowledge and expertise guided me through this smoothly and we sold the home in one week after public listing, and only one open house, at a far higher price than I had expected, to the perfect buyer.  Our whole family is grateful to Sherrie. She knows the market well and you can't beat the personal attention to detail and general all around optimism and "can do" attitude. I suggest her highly, above all larger real estate companies in the area."

R. Blasband

"Sherrie provided such personalized service.  She walked us through every detail so we had the opportunity to look at comps, sales and listing prices. She knew where we wanted to end up and helped us negotiate timing and weigh the pros and cons plus she provided great resources for any cleanup we needed to manage.

If you want service from someone who works hard, honest, reliable, cares and spends the time making sure you are comfortable and get what you want....First California Realty is the only way to go in Marin market and especially Sausalito."

Cynthia Mason

"Sherrie Faber was highly professional in selling my older home in Sausalito. It needed a great deal of help and she provided both the ideas for upgrade as well as seeking out the contractors to help us. She was diligent, on time and cheerful about her job, and I couldn't have done it without her. We obtained a top price, and with a minimum of conflict or any disagreement."

Craig Johanson

"...Through Sherrie's efforts, we were able to sell our home for well over the asking price! We have worked with several realtors over the years but never have we had the pleasure of working with someone as dedicated as Sherrie. Her thorough knowledge of the Marin market and her extensive network in the area contributed to the successful sale of our beloved home in Sausalito. Selling a home is a stressful experience. Sherrie was always there when we had questions and concerns. She returned phone calls promptly and was never more than a phone call away, often working outside of what most would call 'normal business hours.' We are proud to say that at the end of this experience, not only have we had the opportunity to work with an incredibly professional agent, we now also consider her to be a friend!"

P.S. Sherrie wrote a pre-emptive offer that was accepted on a beautiful home in Mill Valley for the Kigers shortly after the contract was ratified on their Sausalito property. So their real estate success continues . . . thanks to Sherrie's expertise!

David and Erum Kiger

"Sherrie was an absolute joy to work with. We were first time home buyers who were under a time crunch because we needed to find a place fairly quickly. We looked at four places with Sherrie, made three offers and ultimately got a place we loved, that met all our needs, and exceeded our expectations. What other reviews say about Sherrie is true. She is the consummate professional, quick, efficient, and extremely tech-savvy, which we really appreciated. She doggedly advocated for us in some sticky situations, and always got the job done.

She has a vast knowledge of the area and is happy to share contacts in her large network for any services you may need for your new place. My wife, Margaret, is a stickler for detail and read all of the necessary documents thoroughly, and asked a lot of questions. Sherrie was not only patient and informative, but always complimented Margaret on her attention to detail.

But for me, my favorite thing about working with Sherrie was that she makes what could be a very stressful process fun. She has a great sense of humor, and we shared lots of laughs during all of it.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Kristen and Margaret

"From the intricacies of the city of Sausalito to the polish of her presentation of our home and the negotiations with the buyer she was transparent, knowledgeable and professional. You can't expect much better representation in a real estate transaction. She's "on it"!"

Happy Client

"I just sold Norm and Jeanne's home here in Los Angeles (see below). They told me of Sherrie's incredible service to them -- selling their home - and doing a fantastic job!

I felt I had a lot to live up to in selling their home, after hearing their glowing report of you! "I asked them for your address because I wanted to thank you for doing such a superb job that the Oliver's already trusted me and respected our profession as Realtors from the moment I first walked in the door. You made all of us look good to the world. Well done! . . ."

Carol Huston Sothebys International Realty
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